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Rx-Apps LLC is a creator of innovative study apps for healthcare professions

With our innovative and first-to-market Quiz builder in our Top 200 Drugs Quiz and Card app, Rx-Apps set a new standard for flashcard study apps.

Several apps have since entered the market trying to duplicate our system, but in our review of the market we have found that none of the imitators have been built to the same level as ours. The Rx-Apps quiz and card system offers a fully randomized question builder rather than static questions. This prevents you from getting the answers correct based solely on memorizing the exact question or the order of the possible answers, which helps you learn the content faster and more acurately.

Rx-Apps Quiz and Card Apps: Generic alternatives are not equivalent. Do not substitute.

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Top 200 Drugs

A Quiz and Card App

The first Top 200 drugs app to include more than just simple flashcard images. Our ground breaking Quiz and Card system changed the way Top 200 apps are made.

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Sig Codes

A Quiz and Card App

We built this as a follow up to our Top 200 Drugs app, based on user feedback, to help our users study the most commonly used sig codes. Our Sig codes quiz and card is a great compliment to our original study app with a familiar feel.